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Thames Barge Championships.

Each year there is a series of Barge Matches hosted by various Clubs and Committees. The S.B.A. sponsors the Annual Sailing Barge Championships, in which points are awarded for performance in these matches to produce a Champion Barge for the year.

Results 2016

Bowsprit class
1st Edme 30 points
2nd Marjorie 19 points
3rd Mirosa 18 points
4th Xylonite 17 points

Fast staysail Class
1st Niagara 38 points
2nd Edith May 25 points
3rd Melissa and Repertor 11 points
5th Reminder 7 points
6th Ardwina 4 points

Slow Staysail/Coasting class
1st Lady of the Lea 20 points
2nd Cambria and Pudge 12 points
4th Centaur 11 points
5th Blackthorn and Cygnet 6 points
7th Defiance and Orinoco 4points

Niagara has the highest points score overall for 2016

1st Niagara 38 points
2nd Edme 30 points
3rd Edith May 25 points
4th Lady of the Lea 20 points
5th Marjorie 19 points
6th Mirosa 18 poinits
7th Xylonite 17 points
8th Adieu 13 points
9th Cambria and Pudge 12 points
11th Centaur,Melissa and Repertor 11 points
14th Reminder 7 points
15th Blackthorn and Cygnet 6 points
17th Ardwina, Dawn, Defiance and Orinoco 4 points

Championship Points 2016

2017 Barge Match Dates:
Medway - 3rd June
Blackwater - 17th June
Passage - 24th June
Pin Mill - 1st July
Thames - 15th July
Swale - 29th July
Whitstable tbc
Southend - 27th August (Sunday)
Colne - tbc

There will be 8 qualifying races, namely the following barges matches: Medway, Pin Mill, Passage, Blackwater, Thames, Southend, Swale and Colne.

The points will be awarded as follows:
1 point for each barge starting a race and a further 1 point for barges completing the course.
For each class there will be 3 points awarded for the first barge home, 2 points for 2nd and 1 point for 3rd. Classes will be honour those defined by the individual Match Committees. In the Passage and Colne matches, which are sailed as a single class, barges will be judged according to the classification below.
The position points will be awarded regardless of the number of barges sailing in any class i.e. if only one barge sails in a class it will still be considered as finishing in first place, but it must complete the course in order to get the position points.
There will be points awarded for fastest starts (first across the start line) as follows:
Where the barges sail in classes there will be 1 point awarded for the fastest start in each class, with an additional point for the barge with the fastest start overall. (Note if more than one barge have the same fastest start time, 1 point will be awarded to each barge).Where barges sail in a single class, the will be a single award of 2 points for the fastest start.
There will be 1 point awarded for first barge to round the outer mark in each class. Match Committees to nominate which mark of the course to be considered the rounding mark, where more than one exists. The will be no such award on the Passage Match where no outer mark exists.

Barges will be placed in classes for the Passage and Colne Matches as follows:
Champion bowsprit barges:
Adieu, Cabby, Edme, Gladys, Marjorie, May, Mirosa, Thistle, Xylonite, Portlight
Fast Staysail Class:
Ardwina, Decima, Edith May, Greta, Melissa, Phoenician, Reminder, Repertor, Victor, Wyvenhoe
Slow Staysail/Coasting Class:
Alice, Betula, Cambria, Centaur, Cygnet, Dinah, Ena, Ethel Ada, Lady Daphne, Lady of the Lea, Pudge, Will

Note, if a barge sails in different classes. the points awarded will be as in the class they are entered in each race.

NEW for 2015:
a single discard will still be applied, but there will be a Champion barge in each class.

NEW for 2003:
1 point to be awarded for Seamanship (or best rounding of the outer mark) prizes where awarded.
Disqualification: a disqualified barge may retain a poinfor starting, if not disqualified bafore or at the start, but will lose any subsequent points gained during the match (these would be awarded to other barges as appropriate)
Retirement: a retiring barge may retain all points earned at the time of retirement
Discards: 1 discard is to be allowed - barges may discard their worst result (if taking part in all matches)
Missing results: where official results do not include all the data necessary to award all the SBA championship points, the missing data may be submitted to the SBA Championship Officer by agreement from the barges concerned.

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