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The Future of Thames Sailing Barges
These last examples of our living maritime heritage are being kept alive and still working by a small but dedicated band of enthusiasts. It is however, a hard struggle against spiralling maintenance costs (many of our old girls are well over 100 years old) and the ever-increasing burden of legislation and beaurocracy. The purpose of this is to make you aware of the rearguard action, which is being fought in order to maintain our "living maritime heritage. These vessels are the only remaining example of this heritage still trading under sail.

Why not help us in this fight by joining the Sailing Barge Association as a
"Friend of the Sailing Barge".

For just £9 per year you will be kept supplied with regular newsletters and information regarding our fight to keep the Sailing Barges at various Open Days throughout the years and you will automatically receive a discount off Charter Fees when booking a Cruise aboard a member of the Association.
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Come and join us! We are not in permanent dry dock, but at sea trying to earn a living…...where sailing ships should be.
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