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Where to see Thames Sailing Barges
Thames Barges may be seen at a number of locations mainly on the East Coast south of the Wash. The following are a few of the places where Sailing Barges can nearly always be seen:-

Snape Maltings, Suffolk
Pin Mill, near Ipswich, Suffolk
Ipswich Docks, Suffolk
Mistley, Essex
Maldon Quay, Essex
St. Katharines Dock, by Tower Bridge, London
River Medway, Kent
Chatham Maritime, Kent
Hoo, Kent
Faversham Creek, Kent

The following locations play host to the famous Barge Matches which are sailed each year:-
Gravesend (Thames Match)
Blackwater Match, Maldon, Essex
Passage Match, Gravesend
to Harwich
Pin Mill Match, River Orwell, Suffolk
Southend Match
Medway Match, Gillingham, Kent
Swale Match, Hollowshire, Kent
Colne Match, Brightlingsea, Essex
(for more details see Barge Matches)
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Sailing Barges can often be seen at Maritime Festivals around the country including Cowes Week.

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