Sailing Barge Association
Thames Sailing Barge Matches.


14th Sept 2002


Bob Harman Memorial Trophy
Overall winner -all classes best record elapsed time.

Cock of the Colne
and King Colne Cup

First ex-fishing boat to finish

Arthur Bowles Cup.

Second ex-fishing boat to finish

"Xanthe" Trophy

Third ex-fishing boat to finish

David Gowing Memorial Trophy

Best approach and rounding of the Clacton Pier Mark

Hammond Bell Trophy.

First over the starting line

Rose Bowl

First Bawley to finish

Sailorman Cup

First Barge to finish

T.S.B. Barge Cup

Second Barge to finish

Prior Barge Cup

Third Barge to finish

Western Shipping Cup

Fourth Barge to finish

Golden Cockerel.

First Barge over the start line

Lowlands Cup

Seamanship Award

Charles Morse Trophy
Best Restoration Vessel amongst the Colne Smack Preservation Society or Associate member.

Thames Sailing Barge Association