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9th June 2007

Blackwater Sailing Barge Match Association

Association President: Molly Kennel
Chairman: Jackie Lewis
Vice-Chairman: Ron Hall
Treasurer: Sheri Grigg
Secretary: Pat Boss
Newsletter Editor: Valerie Hammond
Membership Secretary: Peter Carter

Publicity Officer Shirley Orchard
Owen Bourne
Peter Boss
Ricky Cardy
Peter Carter
Hilary Halajko
Stacey Banyard

Start times: First start 09.30am
Class 1 Staysail start 09.30
Class 2 Senior Staysail start 09.45
Class 3 Bowsprit start 10.00

Smacks & Bawleys: One class

Competitors are expected to arrive back at Maldon at approx. 16.30hours.

Prizegiving Queens Head Public House, Maldon, 21.30 hours
(Meals served from 19.30 at the Queen's Head)

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