Inclement weather conditions for Saturday 8th June mean that consideration is being given to postpone the match to Sunday 9th June.

Amendments to Regulations in the event of the Race being sailed on Sunday
9th June
HW Osea 0535 and 1800 bst
START. Osea Pier course to be broadcast at 0645 bst
Class 1 0700
Class 2 0715
Class 3 0730
Class 4 0745
12. Osea — Bench Head leaving it to Starboard — Whymarks
14. Osea — NW knoll leaving to Port –Whymarks
15. Osea — Bench head leaving to port — inner Bench Head leaving to
Starboard — Bench
Head leaving to Starboard — Whymarks
16. Osea — Bench Head leaving to port — Inner Bench leaving to Starboard
— NW Knoll
leaving to Starboard — Whymarks
Outer marks will be for the above courses
Bench Head course 12.
NW Knoll course 14.
Inner Bench Head. 15. and 16.

Finish For courses 12 to 16.

GW108 will be anchored off Whymarks on the south shore below the baffle at Bradwell.

The finish line will be an imaginary line between the committee boat and the Nass beacon. The limits of the line will be the committee boat and the Nass beacon. The match will finish at 1500 bst. Any vessel that has not crossed the finish line by that time will have their positions taken in order.

Prize Giving – To be advised

Briefing 18:30 at MLSC